7 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make While Playing Slots

There’s nothing quite like the rush that comes with gambling. With each pull of the lever, you have a chance of winning fast cash, making slot machines a popular gambling activity at the casino. In fact, 68 percent of people who gamble play the slots most often, according to Las Vegas statistics. However, playing slots is not just all about luck. There are several major mistakes that some people make when playing slots that can diminish their chances of winning. The next time you’re at the casino, avoid these mistakes.

1. Following a System

Many people think that they can “game” the system by following some mathematical equation or waiting a certain amount of time before pulling the lever again. The reality is that there is no specific system that works. All slot machines contain a microchip known as a “random number generator” (RNG) that creates combinations of numbers. Winning comes down to pulling the lever at the precise moment that the RNG generates a winning combination.

2. Playing Multi-Line Machines

Penny slots are highly popular at the casino, allowing people on a tight budget hours of play time without spending a bundle. However, newer versions of the penny slots feature multi-line systems that require you to play every line. Once you shell out money to play each line, you usually end up spending as much as you would on a quarter or dollar slot machine, but with the lower payout of a penny slot.

3. Playing Too Fast

Some people think that if they play a slot machine fast, they have a better chance of winning. However, since winning a slot machine is pure chance, you do not have a higher chance of winning just because you play fast. Playing fast only ensures that you spend more money quickly and you’ll be less likely to enjoy the experience of gambling.

4. Choosing Just Any Machine

Casinos tend to be very strategic when it comes to the placement of their slot machines. Many times, high winning machines are placed near the cashiers and change booths, as to lure more people to play and try to win. Loose slots may also be placed near the crosswalks between sections so that people who walk by will see people winning and want to gamble themselves.

5. Thinking That a Payment Is Due

While you may believe that your machine is due for a payout after playing for an extended period of time, this simply isn’t how slot machines work. A payment is completely random and may occur frequently on some machines, and very rarely on others. Don’t waste money on a single machine thinking that your payout is soon on its way, because you may or may not be disappointed.

6. Not Knowing When to Walk Away

It’s happened to most gamblers at one time or another. Not knowing when to walk away could leave you with less money than you started with. It’s very easy to get carried away with the pure ecstasy of winning a big payout on a slot machine. However, those winnings can quickly dwindle if you continue to play. Know when to walk away with your winnings and try your luck another day.

7. Neglecting Casino Incentives

Many casinos offer incentives to customers to get them to visit their establishment more often. Take full advantage of these “player perks” and you could receive free food, free hotel stays, free play, or other great benefits. Ask your casino what programs they offer to members and use your member’s card each time you gamble at that casino.

Gambling is a popular pastime for many people due to the excitement of casino games. By avoiding these big mistakes the next time you’re playing a slot machine, you could end up a winner. Check out sites like http://viejas.com/ for more information about casinos.

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