CBD Oil: An Effective Treatment For Important Health Conditions

CBD hemp oil is quickly rising in popularity, but it’s not a new solution in any way. Humans have been using hemp and cannabis for health reasons for thousands of years. While its use extends back dramatically, researchers have only recently identified just how and when it helps. With studies backing support for a number of illness-related treatments, CBD hemp oil has proven useful for each of the following important health conditions.


One of the most common uses for CBD oil is as a last-ditch treatment for resistant epilepsy. Its benefits have been so startling that an entire strain of cannabis was dedicated to the little girl whose epilepsy it functionally cured.

Charlotte Figi, just a few years old at the time, suffered from a condition known as Dravet’s Syndrome. Until she was able to access CBD-containing cannabis extracts, she had up to 300 seizures a week. Afterward, those numbers dropped to just three in eight months. Huffington Post dedicated an article to her, and she became a mascot for the use of cannabis and CBD oil in epilepsy.

Studies have shown that CBD does indeed have some mechanism of action in soothing seizures. Best of all, pure CBD oil isn’t psychoactive, so it can be purchased in many health food stores as a food supplement. 


While the rumors that CBD oil can cure cancer might not be true, it is true that several studies have shown benefit to cancer patients who use the supplement. These were outlined by the National Cancer Institute; the information pointed out three main benefits:

  • Anti-tumor properties
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Analgesia

The study focused on both CBD and THC, but points out:

CBD, in particular, is thought to have significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity without the psychoactive effect (high) of delta-9-THC.

Without a doubt, these are three of the most important treatment areas in most cancer cases.

Anti-tumor properties were discovered when CBD was given to mice, after which point tumors shrunk or stopped growing. Appetite and pain relief were also proven through the same group of studies.

Although the oil might not cure a tumor, it can provide an effective adjunct to other therapies. Some cancer patients combine CBD and THC in the same oil supplement, boosting pain-relieving effects while achieving best results. Others use straight CBD oil to avoid the psychoactive effects.


HIV/AIDS remains a major concern in societies all over the world. While great strides have been made in removing the disease’s ultimate outcome–many now live full, complete lives in spite of the virus–some of the side effects are still problematic.

Wasting syndrome is extremely common in advanced AIDS patients. It is caused by both a lack of appetite and a reduced ability to properly process calories. The steep weight loss often seen in end-stage AIDS is usually attributed to secondary problems, infections or health concerns. AIDS patients have an increased risk for these as they aren’t able to heal as well as someone with a normal immune system.

Both CBD oil and full cannabis plant material have been shown to increase the appetite of those living with the disease. This leads to a higher ingestion of calories, resulting in more available nutrition for the body to process. In a patient that’s nauseous, cannabis itself can also reduce that nausea, allowing him or her to eat in the first place.

Because some AIDS patients also suffer from chronic pain due to secondary conditions, the anti-inflammatory properties are also desired. The benefits found in CBD can be effective in multiple ways.

Although you may not be ready to dive into cannabis itself, CBD is a safe and effective alternative for most people. There are many benefits to using this food supplement, even if the condition you seek to treat is not advanced. With both anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, it has the potential to assist everything from headaches to arthritis. If you have questions about CBD, check your local health food store or naturopath for more information about CBD hemp oil for sale

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