Corporate Team Building At Sea: How Private Charter Boats Can Help Your Team Bond

There are plenty of discussions about the best way to build a strong team energy in the workplace. The concept of “team building” is an important one, but it can be difficult for employers to find just the right type of experience to help their employees develop that special bond that can take their business to the next level. If you are struggling to find just the right bonding experience for your own team of employees, consider a private charter boat. Private corporate charter experiences can take your team building to a whole new level, and get your employees ready for success.

Bonding For New And Old

Team building experiences are good for both new and established employees, regardless of the size of the company. By bringing together all of your employees in a shared bonding experience, you strengthen your team in several ways. New employees benefit from getting to know their coworkers outside the office on a more personal level. Established employees can learn something new and can open up away from the familiar confines of the office. For supervisors and bosses, team building allows you to better understand how you interact with your employees.

Step Outside The Office

While team building activities are not a new concept, and many can be done in the office, there is a growing trend for activities that take you out of the office. These “field trips” are a great way to allow your employees to relax and let their guard down a little. By being more at ease with themselves, they are more likely to be open to sharing the experience with their co-workers, and they’ll likely get more benefit from the activities. 

Team building activities on a privately chartered boat can be fun and relaxing, offered as a reward for a job well-done. Alternately, they can be challenging and engaging, bringing out the best in every employee as they get to experience something new and exciting. Or, they can be a combination of both, offering a chance for employees to learn new skills and develop a sense of pride as a member of a successful team.

Blending Diverse Personalities

Hiring a charter boat for your corporate team building activities can be a fun way to help your employees learn to blend as a team, even with very diverse personalities. Activities that encourage team members to work together in order to achieve tasks such as sailing the boat not only help employees develop new skills, they also force team members to learn to work together efficiently in order to complete the activity.

Ice-breaking activities can be a great way to blend a new team of employees into a stronger unit. By helping your employees identify their common traits and strengths, you’ll help them learn to work together more efficiently, and a boat is the perfect place to get your employees sharing this information about themselves. Some of the reasons why boating has become such a popular choice for team building exercises include:

  • It’s a relaxed environment that encourages employees to open up to each other.
  • Most people can enjoy the shared experience of learning new skills when they learn about sailing a charter boat.
  • Getting out of the office is a real morale booster, especially if there has been a great deal of tension in the workplace prior to the team building activity.
  • It’s a great way for employers to show their appreciation for a job well-done, and employees will be grateful for the opportunity to get outside their workspace.

Fun And Rewarding For Your Business

While having a good time isn’t necessarily the point in team building exercises, it’s usually a pleasant side effect of hiring a corporate private charter boat for your team building experience. If you haven’t considered boating for your team, consider the benefits it could offer your business. Happy, confident employees who know how to work together efficiently will make a good business even better, and it can all be achieved with simple day at sea.

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