8 Antiques With Potential Value You Might Have Around Your House

Many people have valuable antiques hiding in their home, and don’t even know it. Here are a few items that could be an antique treasure lying dormant in your home.


Sometimes you will just look at a piece of furniture and immediately dismiss it as “old.” Well that may be the case – but even if the condition isn’t absolutely pristine, antique furniture is still very valuable. Take a look at the craftsmanship, and look for any insignia or labels on the furniture – just don’t attempt to refurbish it until you get it appraised. Refurbished antique furniture can dramatically bring the value down of the piece.

Costume Jewelry

For years, girls have been dressing up in their grandmother’s costume jewelry, with most people assuming that the jewels are fake and the jewelry itself is simply junk. While that can often be the case, it should be noted that some of this costume jewelry will feature craftsmanship and materials (gems, metals, engraving) used in most fine jewelry from similar times.

Even costume jewelry that doesn’t contain precious gems and metals can still be worth a fortune. There are sought after pieces of costume jewelry made by specific companies that have ardent collectors. If you happen to have a piece of costume jewelry from a manufacturer with a cult following, it is likely the piece is worth some money.


The art in the attic could be worth more than the home itself. Older paintings will feature the year of creation and origins on the back of the artwork, but you should also look at the color of the canvas itself – the darker it is, the older (and likely more valuable, and authentic) it is.


If you think the old books you have are simply collecting dust, well they may be, but they could also be worth thousands. Take a look at them and do some research – books which were not mass produced, and those particularly focusing on religion and history tend to be worth more. Original copies of literature are also highly valuable and sought after. First edition books from popular western novelists can fetch an arm and a leg for avid collectors, for example, certain first edition Steinbeck’s are worth from $3,500 to $10,000!

Home Décor

Home décor items – chandeliers, vases, mirrors, baskets, ceramics etc – aren’t just beautiful to look at. Home décor that is truly antique, and not just old, will feature fine craftsmanship; while the year of creation is typically found on the product, it is a wise idea to have it appraised by a professional antique appraisal service.


You may not even know what the coins you have are called, where they are from, or anything about them – but antique coins are often worth much more than face value. Certain American currency that wasn’t produced for very long, or coins that possess minting errors, can be worth hundred of dollars. Most of the information regarding the value of a coin can be found easily online – simply search the country of origin, and face value!


Collections can encompass just about anything – and if you have a set of anything antique, it is likely worth more than a single item. Things such as cookware, coins, stamps, book sets, you name it.

If you are sure that you don’t have any antiques in your home and want to change that, visit a local thrift store or flea market. Many people throw out antique treasures, never fully realizing their value. If you spot an item that looks antique or vintage, and it is in great condition, take advantage of the great deal, and bring it home! You never know how much the antique appraisal professional at a place like the International Auction Gallery will tell you what your treasure is worth!

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