TV Shows On Blu-Rays: 5 Reasons Why Streaming Services Still Suck

A lot of American households have extensive collections of TV shows on Blu-ray and DVD, but with streaming services increasing in popularity, you may wonder if it’s worth continuing to keep (and grow) your collection. Some streaming services cost just a few dollars a week, so Blu-rays can seem like an expensive alternative, but there are plenty of good reasons why your hard copies are still a good investment.

There’s no ongoing collectible value

Some films and TV shows gain a cult following, and certain Blu-ray and DVD copies become particularly valuable. Special versions (like steelbooks) and foreign imports can fetch a serious price. For example, the Canadian steelbook for one popular blockbuster film now sells for around $840.

Entertainment companies also release collectible versions of the big TV shows. For example, a run of 35,000 TV series DVDs sold out quickly because of special packaging included from a toy manufacturer. As such, these sets are often a sound investment, and you can rest assured that you’ll always make a tidy profit.

It’s harder to control access to adult content

Streaming services include a lot of kids’ TV shows, but they also include material you wouldn’t want your children to see. You can normally apply parental locks and filters, but it’s not easy to stop tech-savvy youngsters finding a way to view adult TV shows. With a DVD or Blu-ray, you stay in control. You know what your kids are watching, and you can make sure everything stays age appropriate.

You don’t own your TV shows

A streaming service is basically an online library for which you pay a subscription fee. Each time you log in, you can view whatever you want, but you can only see what the streaming company has to offer. Distribution and licensing agreements are often complex, and it’s not unusual for streaming services to lose the rights to offer certain TV shows. Some TV companies may never license their shows to a streaming service.

This is bad news for the consumer. You cannot control what you can see, which means your favorite show could disappear at any time. With a Blu-ray or DVD, you have a copy forever, so you completely control what you can watch. What’s more, you can share your copy with friends and family, without having to worry about account access and viewing rights. It’s reassuring to know you can watch your TV shows when you want to.

You rely on an Internet connection

To benefit from a streaming service, you need to have robust Internet access. As soon as your connection fails, your broadcast stops, which could become extremely frustrating during a prolonged outage.

Your reliance on a live connection is particularly difficult on the move. You can often download a temporary copy to view offline as part of a streaming service, but if you forget to do that before you set off, you could end up with nothing to watch. However, as long as you have a disc player and a power source, you can watch Blu-rays and DVDs anywhere.

You don’t get the same value for money

A Blu-ray often features lots of special features, including deleted scenes, alternate endings, documentaries and featurettes. Indeed, Blu-rays and DVDs often include content you cannot find anywhere else, as the TV studios want to encourage buyers to choose their products. Streaming services rarely offer these extras.

What’s more, even in high-definition, streaming services cannot match the picture quality of a Blu-ray, particularly if your Internet connection slows down. If you’re watching a TV show laden with special effects, you want to benefit from digital picture quality that brings the episode alive.

Despite the popularity of streaming services, Blu-rays are still a good choice for your favorite TV shows. Before you turn your back on hard copies, consider the reasons why streaming services aren’t always best. If you want to buy Blu-rays of your most-loved TV shows, then go to websites like this one.