5 Things To Consider When Renting Your Next Party Tent

Are you planning a celebration such as a wedding, family get-together or other outdoor event? If so, a smart option would be to rent a tent. A party tent rental allows your guests to be comfortable and shaded from the sun and elements. However, not all canopies and tents are alike, which is why you will need to consider several factors, such as the size of the area you have to work with, tent style, and optional features such as tent flooring. To help you make the right choices when renting a party tent, consider these important aspects:

1. The Size of the Tent

To determine the right size party tent to rent, consider the event and arrangement you’ll have. For instance, if you will be setting up a food station and bar, take this into consideration when choosing the size of the tent, as you will need adequate space. You might also want to allow adequate room for dancing.

Will there be lectures or speaking at your event? If so, you’ll need room to set up a podium. You may also need a larger tent if you plan on placing a banquet or DJ table inside the tent. Once you determine the size of the tent you need to rent, you should be able to get a rental quote.

2. The Style of the Tent

Do you prefer a pole tent or frame tent? Do you know the difference? Pole tents have a center pole, which is somewhat obstructive if you plan on setting up furniture inside the tent. Frame tents will not have the center poles that may get in the way while dancing or entertaining. You’ll need to install a pole tent on a grassy surface. Frame tents may be installed on any surface, including concrete or asphalt, making them somewhat more versatile.

3. Optional Features to Add to Your Rental

Think of ways you might customize your party tent. If you don’t mind incurring a higher rental fee, you might opt for a fabric liner that adds a splash of color or design to your tent. The main advantage of a liner is to “dress up” the tent and make it look a little more festive. Also, would you prefer a cathedral style tent wall that includes windows, or will clear walls suit you fine? If none of these options matter to you, you might choose a party tent without walls.

Equally important, you need to consider the flooring of your tent. If your event is to include dancing, consider renting a party tent with built-in flooring. If the tent is to be used primarily for seating, the ground might be suitable for your tent floor.

4. Compliance With State and Local Laws

Depending upon where you live, you may need to acquire a permit to set up a party tent. Some US cities, such as Aspen, will require a permit for erecting a tent larger than 400 square feet. Check with your township or state to be sure. You might also ask your party tent rental agency if they can assist you with obtaining such a permit.

5. Delivery and Set Up

Inquire about installation and set up. You’ll want to ask whether the rental fee includes this service or if there is an additional charge for delivery and installation. You might also ask if set up of your tables and chairs can be included for an additional fee. Also, inquire about preparation prior to delivery. You will probably be asked to remove belongings from the set-up area before the delivery.

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