Fantasy Football Drafts: 3 Ways To Decorate For The Celebration

One of the biggest events before the football season begins each year is the fantasy football draft. Each year, millions of people play in fantasy football leagues and the start of each league begins with an official draft. When playing in a local league, it’s common to hold the draft in-person and make a whole celebration out of the event. You can make these fantasy football drafts feel even more special by decorating for the event. Adding some fun football decorations can really increase the fun vibes of the draft and create a memorable way to start a fantasy football season. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, the following three types of decorations can really stand out. Each one incorporates both football and a party vibe.

Entrance Tunnels

For real NFL players, the entrance tunnel is an exciting way to pump up crowds and get ready for the start of a big game. You can recreate that same experience for everyone in the league who is a part of the draft. Adding fun entrance decorations into the room where the draft is being held will help the vibe and mood for the night. One of the easiest ways to form these tunnels is with balloon columns or arches. Multi-colored balloons can be hung around the area. You can choose balloons based off your favorite team or just general football colors like green and white.

You can also hang streamers from the top frame of the entrance-way. The streamers create a fun dramatic entrance as each fantasy football participant enters the room. Football pennants are another ideal option for a door frame. Championship pennants can hang down from the doorway and create a great look as people enter the room. To finish off the decorations, you can add a portable speaker right near the entrance. These speakers are ideal for playing pumped up entrance music when league participants are entering. Also consider adding extra items like a fog machine to create fun effects.

Balloon Centerpieces

As you set up drafting tables, you can help create a fun atmosphere with the use of balloon centerpieces. Balloon centerpieces, through a place like, can be created with intricate designs that represent your football season. There are a number of novelty balloon shapes that you can select for the centerpiece designs. For example, you can choose football helmet balloons. These shaped balloons feature graphics of real NFL team helmets. A majority of teams are available and decorating companies can often order special balloons to meet your team requests. Another novelty shaped balloon is a football balloon. These balloons are a great way to top off the centerpiece. It helps build into the atmosphere and excitement of the drafting event.

Balloon centerpieces can also be used to help showcase draft numbers and orders. Smaller centerpieces can be made with balloon numbers placed at the top of them. As each person gets their draft number, they can have a centerpiece placed at their seat or table. This can help keep the draft organized and give each person a fun souvenir to take home when the draft is complete.

Custom Team Banners

Another fun aspect of a fantasy football draft is showcasing your team name. Instead of just saying the team names, you can show them off with custom team banners. Once the list of teams is submitted to the league, you have the ability to select fonts and logos to go with each team. These printed banners can hang on the walls of the draft room or be placed on tables to help signify seats. Just like the balloon centerpieces, each banner can be taken home by team owners at the end of the night.

Plan out these decorations a few weeks ahead of time so that the orders and supplies can be fully prepared for your draft.