How To Determine If A Glass Vase Has Value

Adding pieces of art to your home can be a great way to add to the aesthetic appeal of your living space. Amassing a collection of valuable pieces is important for many homeowners, but determining which pieces of glass art have value can be a challenge.

If you are looking to invest in glass vases, here are three simple things that you can look for to help determine if a particular vase is valuable.

1. If the vase is made from cut glass, check for sharp edges.

Glass that is cut by hand often has more value than glass that has been cut by a machine. This is because hand-cut glass embodies the artistic expression of a glass worker rather than the mass production vibe associated with machine-cut glass.

A glass vase that has been cut by hand will have sharp edges, and the cuts will often be deeper than those present on machine-cut glass. You can look for these characteristics when trying to determine if a cut glass vase has value in the future.

2. Look at the bottom of the vase for signs of wear.

The older a piece of glass is, the more valuable it could be. Determining the exact age of a glass vase can be challenging for the novice collector, but you can easily use the bottom of the glass as a reference point in determining if the vase has any age to it.

Look for slight scratches or signs of wear on the bottom of the vase. These signs of wear usually mean the vase has been sitting on someone’s table or mantle for an extended period of time, allowing you to assume that the vase is not a new piece.

3. Check the vase for markings.

There are many studios and artists known for their exquisite glass products. Pieces crafted by these studios or individual makers are typically worth more than glass pieces made by lesser-known individuals. You should check any glass vase you are thinking of adding to your collection for markings that indicate where the vase was made.

A signature or studio mark can help you determine the value of the vase based on the current demand for pieces from that studio or artist on the collector’s market.

Being able to identify which glass vases have value will allow you to add only the most valuable glass pieces to your collection in the future. Talk to a company that offers glass vase wholesale prices if you’re looking to build your collection quickly.